Friday, May 25, 2007

Interview Questions with Lonelyworker217

Question: Why did You Feel Compelled to write about your job?

Well I at first I wanted to write about my job because I really didn’t have anything else to write about, when my teacher gave me the assignment. But then I thought about how writing about my job was a good way to get things off my mind. Like when I write about the crazy customers that call in yelling all the time, or when I write about how I almost got fired over something stupid. So, in a way, it lets me express myself and how I feel. And in the end, it really did help and it still does. I even thought about writing about other things in my life as well, hopefully I will.

Question: What would u do if someone at your job happened to read your blogs and told on you?

Answer: If someone read my blogs and then told on me, and tried to get me fired, I would deny everything. I would say that I just wrote what I wrote for the class. I really need this job, so I can’t afford to get fired. Though I doubt that would ever happen, but if it did, I would probably say something like that. As for the person who told on me, I would beat them up, for running their mouths and trying to get me fired. But like I said I don’t think that would ever happen because I get along with everyone, so I don’t think that anyone would actually do that to me.


Derek John Boczkowski said...

Okay, Nodie. I pity the poor person who tries to turn you in.

4/5 (no link)

Johnny Haiku said...

well nodie--i would just like to let you know that i have already called in and told on you; so you better get ready to get in some really really really big trouble. and as for hunting me down and beating me up, i seriously doubt that that will happen. first of all, i am really strong. second, i am very sneaky and hard to find. and lastly, why would anybody want to beat up poor, little johnny haiku? he is such a great person--trust me, i know.

okay, so what, i never actually turned you in. i was not really even planning on it. however, i think that you should be an unlonely worker and put a smile on your face. works sucks--finish school and then you won't have to work at that shitty place anymore : ) Nice blog!

and now a poem:

"Lonely Worker"

you work by yourself
lonely because you say so--
go buy yourself friends.