Friday, April 27, 2007

The pissed off caller

So I was at work taking calls and talking to some of my co-workers around me, when I get this call. It was a guy who sounded like he was in his mid forty’s. He was so polite and so nice. He told me that he lived in Rhode Island and how the weather was down there. Then he finally told me what his problem was, he said that he wasn’t able not get online, and that the automated system couldn’t help and he ended up waiting about 45 minutes to speak to me.

Well okay. So I told that I was sorry for the long hold and that we were currently having an outage in Rhode Island. He started getting a little upset saying things like “well why didn’t the automated system say that, then I wouldn’t have to be on hold for so long.” I’m not sure why it didn’t say that but I decided to say “well sir, it just didn’t.” then he kept arguing with me saying that that was poor service and that we should fix the automated system, so that when there is outage people don’t have to wait so long just to get told something stupid like that.

He was really starting to piss me off, but I tried to say calm. All of a sudden he said “I bet u if I go to another internet provider, I won’t get his kind of poor service. Right, Huh?” he asked that about 3 times, and I wasn’t sure what to say, so I said “yea sir, you probably won’t.” Oh my God, he flipped out. He started cursing and yelling saying “what did you just say, what did u just say?” so I repeated it. He got even madder and said “do u think that’s right, telling me I will get better service some where else?” I started to hear him tell his wife to take the phone because he felt like killing somebody. So when his wife got on the phone, she asked to speak to a supervisor. I just transferred her over and didn’t say a thing, just thinking to myself WOW. In my defense, he kept asking so I said yea.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


While I was at work today and wondering why the hell I’m still here, my supervisor came and told me to login into training and come and see him. So after I was done talking to the old lady who was 90% deaf, I put my phone ID into training and went to go sit down by my manager, to see what he wanted…(this time).

When I got to his office, he said that he wanted to talk to me about my QA scores (quality assurance). He basically wanted to go over some of my calls and see if I was doing everything that I was supposed to do. Like use good phone etiquette, proper greeting and closing formats, acknowledge the customers request and doing proper trouble shooting steps. He made me listen to some of my calls and see the mistakes that I made.

I didn’t have a lot of mistakes I think I only had one. My overall score was a 88%. So anyways he started saying things like he wants me to be a supervisor, and he wants me to join his team. I was happy like a little baby who just got there hands on a piece of candy. The job that I hated so much is the job that wants me to be a supervisor. But the only thing is that the job required a full time position; Which I don’t have time for. So I told my supervisor that I would probably start training in the summer because right now im in school and I didn’t have time for both. He said okay, and told me to tell him when I was ready to start training. I went back to my station thinking yea me!!!

Sleeping on the job

Usually when I’m at work I get non-stop calls. Once I would be done with one call, five seconds later im in another call, and it is really annoying. But today it wasn’t like that. It was so slow that, once I got done one call, I would get another call about 10-15 min later. I don’t know what was going on that day but I happy. I got to relax for awhile after every call and go on Myspace to check my messages.

Later on that day I was so upset, not only was I really tired and bored, there were times when I almost fell asleep. I guess not taking calls wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. My head started to hurt, so I put it down for a little while. I felt like my eyes were about to close but, I didn’t care. I started to feel like I was going into nice peaceful deep sleep when someone taped me on the back with their fingers, and told me to wake up. It was one of my supervisors. For a minute there, I thought I was in trouble, but he looked as if he didn’t care, like he didn’t want to be at work either. But he did say that I should bring a book for me to read, or find something for me to do. I felt like saying kiss my ***, but I didn’t. A couple of minutes later I swear I kept getting calls back to back, and I started thinking to myself…man I hate this job!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Longest Restroom Break

Before I went to work, I ate a plate of Chinese and drank a lot of juice. So much that I had to pee so badly. I didn’t have time to pee before I left the house because I was already running really late for work.

While I was driving to work, I kept thinking to myself that I was going to clock in and go to the restroom. When I finally got to work, come to find out that both up stairs and down stairs restrooms were flooded. Yea I know BOTH are flooded! What are the odds of that happening? Also I found out that if we have to use the restroom, we have to leave the building and go to the nearest gas station. Are you kidding me? I was so mad. Not only did I regret not going to use the restroom before I came to work, but now I would have to wait at least an hour to be able to leave the building, and go to the nearest gas station (that I just past).

The reason I have to wait at least an hour is because I have to wait until they approve me to go. A lot of people have to go at the same time so they let you go whenever the time is right. So I sit down and try to take my mind off having to go to the restroom, by taking a couple of calls. Man, I hate hearing people complain. Anyways when it was time for me to go, I ran to my car and drove to the gas station. My break was supposed to 15 minutes but I took a 35 minute break. I had to wait too long to go, so I took a longer break and went to the nearest store and bought a couple of things, then i went back to work. No one ever found out, so I didn’t get in trouble either. Next time I know to use the restroom before I come to work.

Friday, April 6, 2007

A good work day

Work today was boring as usual. I went to work feeling how I always feel, tired and wanting to quit. I have to say though, my job is pretty easy, I mean I sit down all day and answer phone calls. I guess Im just lazy.
So anyways, I got a phone call today. It was a good call. The call was about a man who was not able to get online. He said that his modem was not working for a couple of days now. I said okay, and that I would be able to help him with that. So I pulled up his account and verified the account. Then I said I was going to take the signal away from his modem and send him fresh signal, and if he could hold while I do that. So while he was on hold I went ahead and reprovisioned the modem and checked his account to see if it was disconnected for any reason, it wasn’t. So I got back on the phone with him and asked him to unplug the modem and shut down his computer. While he was doing that I asked him a couple of questions like how was his day. And how was he doing?
We ended talking about a couple of different things, and forgetting about the problem at hand. I told him to go ahead and plug the modem back in, and then wait about 30 seconds to start the computer back up. After he did that he tried to get back online and was successful doing so. He then thanked me and said I was a wonderful person, and then ended the call. He overall call was good, I helped him get back online and he was happy. I was happy because I didn’t have to deal with any angry customers.