Friday, May 11, 2007


Ok. So I was at work today taking calls after calls when my supervisor said that he wanted to talk to me when I was done with my call. I didn’t really care much because I didn’t think I was going to get in trouble. I was wrong. He started talking to me about how I have been online while I was on a call and how that was not accepted.

Then he said that I was going to get one point and if I do it again, it would be two points next time. I can only get up to six points, and then I’m terminated from the job. I already have 1.75 points so now that brought me to 2.75 points, which sucks. For some reason I tried to make it seem as if I didn’t care, I had a smile on my face. He started acting all serious saying that he thinks that I do so much better on a call when on not on the internet and that he would hate to fire me because of that.

Once I heard the word fired, that smile that I had flew all the way out the window. Even thought I do hate the job, I do still need it because I need money. But for now on I guess I will not get on the internet. Well at least I’ll try not to, but It’s hard not to because I get bored so fast. But on the other hand I really don’t want to get terminated.


Amanda Gehres said...

Wow, that sucks that you got in trouble for that. I know that when I got a strike at my work(the three stikes you're out rule)I was really mad. It was my first day there too and no one had told me what to do with my stuff after I was done with it, so I just left it on the table. The next day I came in and I noticed on my time card that they told me that I had a strike for not cleaning up my station. I was so mad! It was my first day there and they yeld at me already? I just wanted to quit. But I kept with it and it turned out to be ok. So I understand that it sucks getting yeld at but you do have to keep with it if you want money. I just hate that. :)

Derek John Boczkowski said...


Remember that i want you to include a link in every post from now on. also, I wanted you to experiment with the form of the post--to move beyond relying solely on the short narrative. Overall, a nice post, but the title is misleading.

No Link/No Experimentation with Form: 3/5