Friday, May 18, 2007

The 45 minute call

The writer of the blog is named Matt. Matt talks about annoying calls with customers who think that they can talk to people any way they want to get their way. Matt says that he is tired of that, and he starts getting an attitude with the customer. Matt doesn’t think that it is right to be blamed for something that he can’t fix.

The “45 minute” blog is about a guy named Matt who is working at a call center and gets a really angry, upset caller. Before he even answers the phone, he talks about how he sat at his station for about 30 minutes doing nothing, just waiting for a call to come in. Matt also mentions that he eats a snack and even gets something to drink before he gets a call. Then he goes into how once he picks up phone, the caller starts yelling at him, saying, “Why have I been on hold for so long?” and asking him “what have you been doing?” The way the Matt describes the caller made it seem as if the caller had had hot smokey steam coming out of his head, and like his eyes were red like someone who has been crying for a long period of time.

After the caller stops yelling and calms down a bit, the Matt starts to get a little attitude with the customer and says “what, do u think we are sitting around here doing nothing.” After the tech says that the caller doesn’t really have anything to say. I’m guessing the caller feels stupid. The tech says then starts saying that some people think that they can say whatever they want just to get their way. He also says that he think the reason for that is because their moms must have told them that when they were younger and now they actually think it is okay. He goes on saying that some people are naturally born with ignorance, arrogance, and are impatient. He says that because he also thinks that some people believe that we are here to serve their every wants and needs. And those customers expect us to say “sorry you were on hold for so long, next time I’ll make sure we get to you before 30 seconds.” Overall he isn’t a mean person; he just wants people to understand that we cannot fix something we have no control over. You could read this blog to see what I'm talking

The blog that Matt wrote was very good. I liked that he started off the blog with the angry customer calling in. though I think Matt could have put a little more detail in about what the blog was going to be about (Like saying “the worst thing I hate about my job is when the customers get mad for being on hold for so long.”) And that’s when he should have gone into the blog.

I also think that he could have been more descriptive and actually described how he felt at that moment. I felt like he was telling, not showing. Like Matt was just saying what happened, and not giving details. He should have said what else the customer said, and how it came to him fixing the caller’s problem and ending the conversation.

I fully understand where he is coming from. Like I mentioned before, there are simply certain things we can do and certain things we can’t do. But some customers don’t care, they think about their selves only.

I know that there are times when customers call in mad, because they have been on hold for a very long time. But my customers say things like “I have been on hold for an hour-and-a-half; you should do something about that.” And even after I tell them that there wasn’t anything that I could do and that I was sorry, they still get mad, and threaten to cancel the account because they get poor service. I couldn’t really care less if they cancel the account or not. I would have been really mad if that was me taking the call that Matt took in his blog.

I thought it was funny that the caller called back and complained on him. Customers always call in and try to tell on someone, but we can’t do anything about that because they could have called anyone of our call centers in the 20 states that we have them in. overall I really liked his blog, that’s why I chosed it. I relate to it in so many different ways. I also know how annoying it is too. I wonder though, if Matt is like me, I wonder if he hates his job as much as I hate mines.

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