Friday, April 6, 2007

A good work day

Work today was boring as usual. I went to work feeling how I always feel, tired and wanting to quit. I have to say though, my job is pretty easy, I mean I sit down all day and answer phone calls. I guess Im just lazy.
So anyways, I got a phone call today. It was a good call. The call was about a man who was not able to get online. He said that his modem was not working for a couple of days now. I said okay, and that I would be able to help him with that. So I pulled up his account and verified the account. Then I said I was going to take the signal away from his modem and send him fresh signal, and if he could hold while I do that. So while he was on hold I went ahead and reprovisioned the modem and checked his account to see if it was disconnected for any reason, it wasn’t. So I got back on the phone with him and asked him to unplug the modem and shut down his computer. While he was doing that I asked him a couple of questions like how was his day. And how was he doing?
We ended talking about a couple of different things, and forgetting about the problem at hand. I told him to go ahead and plug the modem back in, and then wait about 30 seconds to start the computer back up. After he did that he tried to get back online and was successful doing so. He then thanked me and said I was a wonderful person, and then ended the call. He overall call was good, I helped him get back online and he was happy. I was happy because I didn’t have to deal with any angry customers.

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Derek John Boczkowski said...

A great story, Nodie,; you write very compellingly here. Consider paragraph breaks, though. And get another blog post up! 5/5